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Paul Tiseo has over 15 years of experience in software development. Prior to joining Waste Reduction Consultants, Paul was the co-founder and president of Metacode Studios, which provided software consultancy and development services to a variety of clients in health, financial and basic science industries. Previous to that engagement, Paul was a lead software developer for the Mayo Clinic’s Research Computing Group.

Over the years, Paul has successfully designed multiple critical software systems that delivered strong and measurable business value. Paul also has experience deploying strong process systems for proper management of IT groups. He is familiar with multiple ways to setup an effective IT team. (I’m skirting the word “methodology” because while I do have a set of “methods”, I certainly am not a “methodologist”. Call them “practices”.) And, lastly, having been involved in multiple startups, is well-versed in the day-to-day needs and pressures of these demanding environments.

Paul holds a Master’s degree in Molecular Neurobiology from Mayo Graduate School of Medicine and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of North Florida. He is currently working on a second Master’s in Business Administration.

He enjoys dedicating all available free time to taking his two young daughters to various fun activities around town. He also enjoys snowboarding, levitating and challenging small woodland creatures to arm-wrestling contests.

Not really. Just testing to see if you’ve read this far…